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A bit more about me

It's fascinating how life unfolds. Every decision we make,
I believe, shapes our future. When I was 17 I wanted to be 
a Psychologist so I could understand the mind and help people feel happier. In the end I studied Social Communications because I thought it would be more fun. 


I went on to have a wonderful life - the career of my dreams, the trips, the parties, and even met my soulmate. Then, in the middle of my country's political collapse, I decided to leave everything behind and travel to the other side of the world and begin a new life in Australia. It was 2003.  


Previous to Health Coaching I completed a Masters in International Business and worked in retail for over 11 years. Then, one day, my body sent me the bill for the lifestyle I'd been living - I was overworked, overstressed, and felt trapped in my job. I got very sick and for the first time in my life
experienced a panic attack. 


At one point I felt so anxious I could not handle noise or go to work, and simple chores became too hard. That’s when I was diagnosed with Grave Disease - an autoimmune condition that causes overactive thyroid. My son was seven years old and I was scared. I started medication and was told if I wanted to have another child I should have surgery to remove my thyroid or radioactive iodine to destroy the cells.


At that stage I didn't know much about holistic health. I was raised to go to Uni, work hard, and take pills when I got sick. Fortunately, my husband suggested I look at some holistic ways to heal. That's when I discovered the mind-body connection and the most amazing chapter in my life began.



I started to listen to what my body had been telling me for years, faced my fears, and began to let go of unwanted feelings. I asked myself, What do I need to let go of to heal? and opened my mind up to the possibility of HEALING. 


On my journey back to health I tried many things, such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine, juicing, detoxes, meditation, and visualisations. I wrote about my feelings, allowed myself to pause, and left the 11-year career I knew behind me. 


In the process of rewriting my story I replaced the word 'remission' with 'my mission' - to support others to trust their intuition and understand their bodies in order to heal. 

Einstein said, ”We cannot solve any problem with the same consciousness that it was created." 


Most people live 70% of their lives in survival mode and many wait until they get sick to change something. I am proof that every choice we make today affects our life tomorrow. 


Don't wait another day to start feeling alive. I am here to hold the space for you and together we can connect the dots so you can put into action what you already know. I found my home again. Are you ready to do the same?  

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